Name: Layho Blightstourm.
Age: Don't Ask.
Race: Au'ra.
Clan: Xaela.
Height: 7 fulm, 1.4 ilm.
Occupation: "Mercenary", Head of Security at 'The Golden Whisker'.
Relationship Status: Married to Silent Veil.
Notable Features: Too many scars to count cover the man from neck down, leaving only his face unmarred.



Need to know basis.


A dragoon of unparalleled skill for hire, under the hire of an unusual source. Otherwise found stalking the halls of 'The Golden Whisker' acting as their head of and primary security. His intimidating form a welcome presence by the establishments owner, one of less than a handful of people not to be stared down by the man.

Unwilling to speak of his origins, Layho only looks to what his future has in store.

Taking each day as it is, watching the world pass her by.


Silent Veil - Fiancee

Silucia Luncionno - Close Friend

Muu'to Zhen - Close Friend/Creation?